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Xplair Technology announces Launch of Residential Loan Portfolio Management Platform

illumair Management System Enables Multiple Servicer-to-Investor Transparency. Web-based Portfolio Management Technology Links Investor and Loan Servicers Through System of Comparative Analytics for Decision Making, Risk Metrics,Interactive Charting and Workflow User-Tasking

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2009

San Diego, California, August 18, 2009 – Xplair Technology, LLC (“Xplair”), a provider of innovative portfolio management software, hardware services, and support , today announced the launch of the illumair Management System (“iMS”), a new to the public, web-based residential mortgage portfolio management platform designed to directly link financial institutions and investors with servicers through secure, direct feeds to proprietary loan and REO asset data, aggregating critical asset-level characteristics that are delivered in a robust user interface with a full system of comparative analytics, risk metrics and interactive charting that also enables dialogue between all users.

iMS provides a customizable “dashboard view” of up-to-date portfolio information and provides users with the tools to quickly and efficiently drive a broad or granular portfolio strategy. The system maps over 300 asset-level characteristics from multiple servicers and REO providers, allowing residential mortgage investors and other stakeholders to view their assets (loans and REO) as a single portfolio irrespective of who services the assets. Asset-level data is then aggregated along relevant performance metrics and trend analytics to help investors and other stakeholders evaluate mortgage and servicer performance and risk. A flash demo of iMS may be viewed on-line at

Jill Parker, Managing Director of Xplair, said, “We developed the illumair Management System because we identified a need in the residential real estate market for a financial aggregation product that would enable users to view their entire portfolio of assets and analyze multiple dimensions of their active and liquidated assets in real-time. Without a system like iMS, data aggregation and research of this kind may take weeks. The information on the iMS system is secure, easily accessible and available on-line at all times, allowing informed decisions to be made much more quickly.”

Ms. Parker added, “This system also creates a new level of transparency and accountability between investor and servicer. Users can communicate with and create workflow for the servicer or individual managing a particular loan or segment and track performance over time by creating static pools of assets.”

At the portfolio level, iMS allows users to view the performance of multiple pools of assets across servicing and REO vendors and to track vacancy, status migration, roll-rates, and collateral price changes against the market or against expectations. The system also enables users to break down whole portfolios into relevant subsets to measure performance by segment and task users with follow-up requests.

iMS analyzes trends and results at the individual asset level by scanning asset level characteristics, allowing users to view pending workouts and collection comments made by the servicer. From any slice of data, users can compare original performance assumptions against actual performance. In addition, innovative “risk maps,” enable users to view of an entire portfolio at a glance and drill down in areas where risk is identified.

Xplair is currently boarding clients on the iMS software, and parties interested in licensing this software are encouraged to contact Xplair directly.

“The illumair Management System is the most comprehensive solution available for the residential loan and REO market, and the functionality of this software is unmatched,” stated Jeffrey Kaplan, Chief Executive Officer of National Asset Direct, Inc., a user of iMS. “Because every screen is interactive, iMS is more than a reporting tool. With this system, we can instantly identify and understand trends that will affect the value of our assets and modify our strategies accordingly by utilizing iMS’s workflow and tasking abilities.”

Steve Szpytek, Director of Acquisitions at ECC Capital Corporation, a user of iMS, said, “The iMS platform has vastly improved our ability to manage the assets in our portfolio while maintaining the security of our proprietary information. iMS is a superior solution for analyzing and managing disparate data sets, and we are extremely pleased with both the interface and capabilities of this portfolio management system.”

Mortgage Bankers’ Association’s 96th Annual Convention & Expo 2009

Mortgage Bankers’ Association’s 96th Annual Convention & Expo 2009 Xplair will be hosting a technology panel at MBA's 96th Annual Convention & Expo 2009 in San Diego, California on October 12, 2009 from 3:45pm – 5:00pm. The panel, entitled Using Technology to Achieve Transparency Between Investors and Servicers, will focus on the latest technologies that allow investors to drive strategy and monitor results. For more information, please visit:

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